Image Sizes


(700px X 480px approx. at 72 ppi)
Small banner ads, social media covers, web ad campaigns, blogs.


(2100px X 1400px approx. at 72ppi)
Choose this size for half or full web page coverage. High resolution display on your computer or tablet.. 


(5100px X 3400px approx. at 72ppi web & 300 dpi print)
Perfect to use in full website display, highest resolution, highest detail in large monitors, and highest resolution digital file for print use up to 17 x 11in

Licensing terms

These are the following terms for the purchase of an image for commercial use. They can be negotiated if need be. Pricing may vary. 
  • Royalty Free - It means there's no additional payments needed every time an image is used.

  • 2 year limited license - It means you can use the images for up to two years from purchase. Saves money, and allows your business to update its brand as it grows.  

  • Web and Social Media license - Use in corporate websites, and corporate social media platforms.

  • Non-exclusive - meaning that you do not have exclusive rights to use the content. Pablo Andres Photography can license the same content to other customers. If you would like exclusive rights to use royalty-free content, please contact Pablo Andres Photography to discuss a buy-out. 

  • **Printing License** - Printing rights are only available with the purchase of Large files. If you purchase Medium and Small Files, and find that you need to use an image for print publication, the Printing license will be restricted to a sliding scale of percentage based on the Total Media Buy.